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The @RealmRoyale API is having issues which is causing match updates to take long. We have alerted HiRez to the issue.

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Game Updates

Crafting Economy Patch - Patch Notes

posted by HiRezJNash - 11 days ago

  • General
    • Headshot damage reduced from a 100% bonus to a 50% bonus for all weapons.
    • The shard bonus for killing players has been removed.
    • Weapon damage has been rescaled from 0/10/20/30% to 0/5/15/30% using common damage as a baseline.
    • All players will start with 600 armor.
    • Armor from items has changed from 200/250/300/350 to 60/90/120/150.
    • Chicken timer reduced from 30s to 20s.
    • Chicken speed increased from 90% to 135% of normal speed.
  • Chests
    • Weapons chests will now drop the same loot as normal chests.
    • Disenchant values have been changed from 5/10/15/20 to 3/8/20/40.
    • Chests now have a small chance to drop legendary armor, weapons, or abilities.
      • Chest drop rates have been adjusted. Chests can drop up to 4 items.
      • The rate at which chests drop different amount of items has been adjusted.
    • Potion chests have had their drop rates adjusted.
    • Zeppelin chests can now drop between 2 and 4 items
      • Zeppelin chests can drop legendary armor, weapons, abilities, or armor potions.
      • Zeppelin chests will still always drop a Legendary weapon.
  • Forge
    • Chicken trophies have been removed from the game.
    • The maximum amount of shards you can hold has been reduced from 200 to 120.
    • Forge costs updated
      • Armor Potion cost changed from 30 to 25
      • Health Potion cost changed from 30 to 15
      • Armor cost changed from 60 to 50
      • Ability cost changed from 90 to 60
      • Non-Class Legendary Weapon cost changed from 120 to 80
      • Class Legendary Weapon cost changed from 200 to 120

Known Issues
  • Rare, Epic, and Legendary Soar have been disabled while we investigate an issue.
  • Some abilities on the ground will be shown as an upgrade to your current ability even though it isn't an upgrade.

Early Access 7 – Prismatic Dream Patch Notes

posted by HiRezJNash - 15 days ago
  • Mounts
    • Damage taken to dismount reduced from 500 to 100.
  • Assassin
    • Blink
      • Pre-fire increased from 0.1 to 0.2.
      • Post-fire increased from 0.1 to 0.2.
  • Engineer
    • Deploy Turret
      • Deploy Time reduced from 3s to 1s.
    • Thrust
      • Now has 2 charges.
      • Height reduced from 25 to 15.
      • “We have added a second charge to Thrust so that Engineers can make good use of the ability in a wider variety of situations. Use two charges back to back for maximum height, or use them one at a time to traverse obstacles.”
    • New Passive: Gain 10% Forge Speed.
  • Hunter
    • Flare
      • Now reveals enemies in Stealth.
      • Now reveals enemies to teammates as well as the Hunter.
  • Mage
    • Soar
      • Weapon fire now cancels Soar
  • Revolver
    • Refire time reduced from 0.72 to 0.5.
    • Damage reduced from 500/550/600/650 to 360/390/420/500.
  • Chicken Skins
    • Keemstar Gnome
    • Cluckomorph
  • Emotes
    • Laugh
    • Slow Clap
  • Mount
    • Tropical Traveler
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a bug where Barricade appeared invisible.
  • Improvements made to players getting stuck on starter island.
  • Fixed a bug where Engineer turret kills did not grant elimination progress on Daily Quests.
  • Fixed a bug where Proximity Mine was not properly landing on surfaces.

Deathmatch Training Grounds Testing has Ended

posted by HiRezJNash - 18 days ago

We have disabled the Deathmatch Training Grounds while we experiment with new game modes internally. Be on the lookout for new, fun game modes in the future!

Our goal with introducing limited time modes is to gain insight into features of the game that players enjoy. Deathmatch training grounds helped us with testing the pace of the game, gunplay, and class balance.

We appreciate everyone who played this limited time game mode and left us their feedback! If you have any further feedback, please direct it to the Steam Discussions Feedback Thread.

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